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Brett Barnett Coach Development - CF-L1 Trainer

I first discovered the benefits of cross training, functional movements, and proper nutrition as a teenager. During my college years I was quickly swept up in easy living and easy food, not sleeping and not taking care of myself. In 3 short years I went from being fit to out of shape, losing muscle and gaining fat especially around my midsection. It was an insidious change and before I knew it I was not only worse off physically but mentally as well.

One day I asked myself, “what has changed”, why do I not feel as complete as I once did? Luckily I had the prior experience of how proper nutrition, movement, and lifestyle choices affect the quality of your life.

I started to incorporate positive lifestyle choices and quickly discovered a new purpose in life. Not only was I going to feel better, I wanted to help others feel better as well.

I got first hand experience of a new person who is REALLY out of shape and how our program can get you living the life you really want to live. As a trainer at Health Excelled it is very fulfilling starting someone out and then just weeks later they are doing things they never imagined they could. I love being a part of helping people become Healthier and Happier!

Tommy BarnettGeneral Manager

I'm a Retired Ford Service Manager of an Award winning service department. I am a winner that has not a competitive bone in my body. I started at a CrossFit gym as member number 3 in 2010 not knowing a damn thing about what I was doing. I was given tasks that made me wonder what the hell am I doing here? I often wondered if I was doing the movements correctly, thinking I'm only getting screamed at. “FASTER,FASTER,FASTER”. I went faster,and got more and more sore. I eventually discovered it didn’t have to be that way.

I have been fortunate to have had many great coaches over the years, but one stood out! He pointed things out that I was doing right and helped me understand what I was doing wrong and could communicate it to me in a way I could understand..That's the kind of Coach I strive to be! I sure don't know everything, but I am constantly learning through continuing education and experience. I don't want to be better than anyone. I want to have the tools in my tool box that help make YOU your very best!

USAW Sports Performance Coach
Beyond the Numbers Certification
Art of Breath Clinic
Power Monkey Camp
CF-L1 trainer

Sara Barnett Founder / Health Coach / Lead Trainer

I've been health conscious most of my life. Members of my family are not long lived or healthy - Inspiring me to become a nurse more than 20 years ago (practicing anesthesia for the last 15).

At 38 years old, I found myself lying on the coach with NO energy, constant headaches, joint pain, mood swings, irritable bowel, insulin resistance, frequent depression and popping economy sized bottles of motrin to get through the day. This was all while trying to follow conventional wisdom of eat less, move more. I was even a strict vegan for about 3 years while I pulled clumps of hair out of the drain after every shower.

It wasn't my fault and it isn't your fault. The changes are very simple, but not easy.

I have spent the last 10 years taking back my health and learning what does work. Helping others become Healthier and Happier has become my mission, my purpose.

Masters in Science University of Detroit Mercy
Bachelors in Nursing University of Michigan (Summa Cum Laude)
Primal Health Coach
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Power Monkey Camp x 4 years
CrossFit L-1
HRV Certification

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